How well would trainerroad plans work with a running power meter?

NB this question isn’t about whether you could connect a running power meter to a trainerroad widget and perform a workout, it is more about whether the parameters of the workouts/plans are suitable for running training.

I am considering purchasing a stryd for running. Could this be used effectively with trainerroad plans? (For example, doing SSB1 entirely with running). I understand the running FTP and cycling FTP are different, but assuming you adjusted it before starting the workout, would the % of other levels still correspond across zones?

What other factors are there to consider? Would cycling workouts normally be too long for running? Would you see performance improvements in the same way?

I think the focuses of cycling and running training is a bit different so the TR plans might not be the best. With the tri plans it might be good to get associations with rpe and running power to inform your runs. I’m pretty sure stryd has power based plans so that would probably be a better bet

Maybe ask in the TR running thread, I am sure a few people do TR workouts on the treadmill.

Pretty sure there was also a thread about using a Stryd, but the problem was getting the TR workout pushed to a watch. Don’t know if that works yet.