Struggling with VO2 work at 95%?

So I tried Bashful+2 for the first time today (sustained power build, low volume). Was having a bit of a bad time today (in general; I think it’s just PMS :sweat_smile:) and after the first couple of intervals it became obvious that I wasn’t going to be able to finish it at 100%. So I dropped the workout intensity to 95%, and just about made it through.

This is the first time I’ve had to drop the workout intensity, ever (I’ve done SSB1 and SSB2, and did last week’s sustained power build fine, including Bashful +1) so I guess I’m just a bit upset about it and my confidence has taken a bit of a knock :sweat_smile: I guess I’m just looking for reassurance - will I still get benefits from finishing it at 95%? And has anyone “failed” Bashful +2 before but tried it again and smashed it? :grin: Thanks in advance!

You have changed tempo for Z2 so it is very benefitial ride. And do not bother about lowerin intensity - not every day is “prime” day so sometimes it is good to take it a little bit easier to be ready for harder workouts. And when in doubt - Z2 ride is always an answer and provide a lot of benefits to your training.

What is important to analyze what caused you to lower the intensity? Muscles endurance, elevated HR, not enough fueling, bad sleep etc. If it was PMS maybe it is the info that this is not great time to do harder workouts than Z2 during these days. This will give you some more insight and create pattern for the future.


I think you mean Bashful +2, not Baxter.

I think turning it down is fine, you’ll build up to it, I think.


VO2max means between 105 and 120% of FTP. By reducing to 95% you are still within the VO2max limits. All good.

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Yes, Bashful! Sorry!

And thank you so much all, I really appreciate it :grin:

When it comes to Vo2 i would be less concerned by dialling down the workout intensity so long as your heart rate remains in that zone.

Vo2 is about processing oxygen and working the heart, the precise number of watts to do this can vary. Vo2 is probably better done without erg mode too where you can push higher watts to get the heart rate up and then just push as hard as you need to to keep the heart rate high. Failing to keep up with erg mode and bailing out of intervals could be the wrong thing to do as you were probably in the right heart rate zone to push your vo2 capabilities despite pushing lower watts.


I had a real disaster with Dade +4 this morning, after successfully completing the first block. I only noticed the handier toggle between erg and resistance in the new app after the last interval. Will try this approach the next time! First complete clusterf*ck by me of a workout this plan.

Actually, really really had me looking forward to Adaptive Training!

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No big deal, and nothing to be concerned about. It’s not uncommon for me to turn down the intensity of VO2max intervals, while still doing productive work, particularly so early in the season when I’m unaccustomed to these types of efforts.

Here’s my last go at Bashful+2 in mid-Feb, and as you can see I dropped the intensity by 3% in the 2nd block and then dropped it a couple % more in the final block. I was fine with Bashful+1 the week prior doing the 1min intervals, but the 1:30s in +2 meant I needed some slack cutting. “Good work” was still achieved though.