Struggling to come back after Covid

Thank you all for what you do. The podcast is great and I’ve learned a ton from listening. I had my second covid vaccine in April of 2021. The day after I started to experience AFIB. I ended up with myocarditis. I had to take several weeks off to let the inflammation go down and it took me well over a month before I could do a zone 2 ride. I slowly fought my way back into shape and by November started to get in terrific shape. Then I actually got covid on January 1. I had pneumonia, a respiratory infection. Once I finished the prescribed medication, I had a fever of 102.5 to 104 or 7 days. The Afib returned.
My resting heart rate was around 44-48. During covid it was up to 98. Now Afib is more regular. For months I could not do a zone 2 ride. No matter what the intensity, My heart rate would go into threshold or above. My FTP was tested in October 2021 and it was 323. My recent test with trainer road was 240. Its a hard pill to swallow. But I don’t want to quit cycling.
I am having an ablation to help resolve the afib. Can you recommend a plan for post surgery?

Talk with your doctor and err on the side of doing less than more. Be patient