Stretch After Warm Up?

I’ve found a brief stretch just after the allotted warm up period of more intense workouts (threshold VO2 and above) seems to help better complete the workouts. I take just a few minutes and stretch hip flexors, hamstrings, quads and calfs before the main set begins.

I confess I’m relatively new to indoor trainer workouts and my N=1 experience is probably so individual there won’t be any consensus. Just wondering if anyone else has experimented with this and what you’ve discovered?

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It’s definitely an individual thing, but I’m similar to you mate, I benefit from both dynamic and static stretching after a warm up on the trainer. Same with my running. Esp for the trainer, if it’s going to be a really hard effort then I will always do extra stretching after the warm up. Can get away without it for an easier or sweet spot workout. It’s annoying haha but worth it and I notice a massive difference.

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Interesting. Thanks for the insight…Until I started TR in Nov I hadn’t felt the need outside probably because the warm up to get out of town to open roads is about 30 minutes. Totally different warmup. But on the trainer it feels different. Shorter (even though I extend) time to threshold-ish power=feels like a ton of stress on connective tissue. Again probably just me.

Not many cyclist I know do this. Only one guy I can recall and he’s a monster of a rider named Eric Marcotte. Current pro/former national champ etc…The only other time I have come across the need to do this was during PT. They’d have me do 15 minutes cardio on a spin bike and then a large block of stretching before we’d move into the strength training.

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I too stop and do dynamic and static warmup stretching. Just found it works better for me