Post ride streching routine

What are your stretching habits after training on the trainer?

Do you stretch at all after riding ?

What exercises are most recommended after training ?

I don’t usually stretch, but I feel stiff legs after a few days of training…
even when driving develop poor sprint power (probably tight muscles)…
I think I’ll have to add stretching exercises to my schedule

Not post ride, but I do the following every day, usually before bed:

  1. Lizard pose
  2. Glute Stretch
  3. Seated Hamstring stretch
  • Downward dog between all of the above.

Its easy to remember and seems to keep me flexible. Most importantly its something I can do every day without it becoming a chore and therefore skipped!


Hip flexors
Thighs (quads)

I’ve never found that stretching prevents “stiff” legs ( if you mean DOMS?). I have always avoided any kind of pre or post workout static stretching and have remained injury free, even when doing sports that require great flexibility like rock climbing.

I’ve found the best way to retain good mobility is a combination of yoga and bodyweight strength and conditioning exercises that moves my joints and muscles through a full range of movement in both an active and passive mode. Cycling does not utilise the full range of motion in our lower body joints if all we do is cycle our body naturally adapts to permit only that limited range of motion.

I stretch after every ride. Stretching warm muscles is the best time to stretch them.

Couch stretch (for hip flexors … 15-30s per side)
Calf stretch (2x30s per leg)
Downward dog
Dynamic hamstring stretch

Whole thing takes maybe 5 mins.

EDIT: the reason for these stretches is that I have struggle my entire life with lower back injuries. My stretches are designed more to keep my back loose and/or to keep pressure off of it than it is for my legs.


I static stretch after every ride too. Regardless of the benefits / detriments, I find that if I don’t do it my overall flexibility and range of motion (legs and back) starts to decrease so it is a quality of life thing for me. Nothing painful or extreme, just a little stretch to keep my flexibility up.

-Calf stretch

  • IT band stretch
  • Standing quad stretch
  • seated hamstring stretch
  • Occasionally do a glute stretch, though very rarely as I don’t really notice a difference.
  • Roll the legs with ‘The Stick’

Since committing to kettlebell work, I rarely stretch after a ride. Most of my weekday rides are ~2 hours, with longer weekend rides. Almost all outside.

When I did stretch, it involved 5-15 minutes of lying on my back after dinner and doing some arm movements to open up the upper body. And then some leg movements to relive tight glutes. Your post made me realize that since I integrated kettlebell work into my week, I almost never feel tight or need to open up the hips or upper body.

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Definitely in the yes to stretching camp. I have a routine that works well for me, keeping me from getting overly tight after riding.

  • Standing calf stretch
  • Standing quad stretch
  • Downward dog, in between all mat stretches
  • Plank
  • Bird dog
  • Dead bug
  • Seated calf stretch
  • Butterfly groin stretch
  • Pigeon pose
  • Happy baby
  • “Reverse” (?) flat frog (laying on my back)
  • Supine spinal twist
  • Child’s pose

Borrowed freely from yoga classes and prior physical therapy activities. Works for me.

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