Stress Test + TR session

I was scheduled to do a 3d Echo and stress test today. Basically they do a echo at rest, and map your heart, then its onto the treadmill. I treated this as a physical test, running short, compression on the calfs, and it was fasted. The protocol used was the Noughton protocol.

Starts off at 2km/hr to 6.2km/hr and 0% incline and raised to 3.5, 7, 10.5, 14%. I finished 1minute into Stage 6, so 11 minutes, 6.2km/hr @14%. One of the highest recorded results. This was a full blown run uphill, legs burning and not enough oxygen in the room could keep me going further.

On the results side, my heart is larger than normal, thicker arteries and walls, (A typical athlete heart) and no heart diseases, blockages or issues to be concerned with.

This was as bad as a ramp test! Literally was a uphill ramp test actually :slight_smile: I don’t know how to put this into the calendar though. An 11 minute walk/run that burnt me!

1 bottle of water and a coffee, and an hour later I did Tallac +3 outside. And I am now cooked. Two bottles of water on the ride. Post ride, 250g of quiche and a coffee.

I think going into the sweet spot workout “extra” fasted may not have been the greatest idea.