Strength Training: Transitioning to a Maintenance mode/mindset

Hey folks, please help a newcomer to the world of strength training answer a dumb question.

Quick background: I began 2-3x/week strength training in summer of ‘19. Since this was a new thing for me, I’ve been following Coach Chad’s benchmark exercises and numbers (which has been straightforward since I’m about the same weight as their example numbers). I sit somewhere between level 2 and 3 (for men) for most of these exercises, FWIW.

I’ve slowly mixed in some variety in terms of additionally core work, resistance and body weight work as well.

So, now that race season is almost here and my workouts are getting tougher, I’m finally feeling the need to approach things a bit differently. How do you guys specifically approach “maintenance” vs off season strength training?

Less days in gym (seems a given)? Less reps or sets? Focus only on particular exercises?

Fewer days in the gym (1-2) but I’d continue to hit the same weight at a medium number of reps, e.g. 3 sets of 8-12, or whatever’s appropriate for what you’re doing.

Usually the strength building happens at the 4-6 rep range (and corresponding weight), which you can lose until the next off season.

I should add that it also depends on what you’ve been strength training for. If it’s general health and durability, you can get away with a sharper dropoff in gym work than if your cycling performance depends on it, e.g. sprint power.

IMO it depends on your weightlifting plan design (or approach), but usually less volume – however you want to achieve that – but keep the weight moderately high.

I used to go to the gym 3 times a week after my off season break for 2 months. After I started structured training I am going to the gym only once per week and I maintain the benchmark which I worked on before.

I plan on lifting 2 days a week, but lower the weights AND the reps so I don’t ride with tired legs/body.

Just gone through an off season programme and am interested in digging deeper into this maintaining strength whilst building explosive power towards end of summer. Anyone got any good resources?