Strength & Conditioning and the red light green light feature

@ming I do a strength gym session M, W and F for most weeks of the year. My workout pattern has a general upper/lower body content but currently Heavy deadlift Mon, Heavy RDL and Back squat Wed and lighter load Fri. With TR workout Tu, Th and Sat in Build phase, this week with VO2 max Tu and Th, and Threshold Sat.
The Tu session, I rated very hard, which was unusual for me as I typically find VO2 max only Hard. Today I started my Th VO2max, and I knew from the first interval, that I was done, so cancelled it altogether.
To date I haven’t rated my Gym session on TR, but am thinking I ought too, to make the best of the Green Light red feature. But TR doesn’t include any S&C workouts and I don’t have much of an idea about how to rate them.


I’m also wondering how “other” workouts etc might affect RLGL if at all.

I do gymnastics for an hour, twice a week, and a bit of home KBs etc. They all definitely effect my TR workouts…

Hey @freoishome

Good question!

As of now, Red Light Green Light only considers cycling and running activities. We’re working on including other activity types though, so stay tuned! :radio: