Strava Weekly Intensity

Anyone know more about this Strava feature? Summit members only. Don’t think it’s accessible on the website. App only.
It says “Your training load based on heart rate, perceived exertion OR power meter data.” But there is no way to select one of those 3 options. It just uses what it feels like? I figured it would just use power if I don’t wear HR. It does not.

I didn’t wear a HR monitor on Mon or Tue but did today. Logged no info for Mon Tue.

It’s basically a less sophisticated version of Training Peaks’ ATL and CTL metrics. Weekly being ATL equivalent and Monthly being CTL equivalent.

From Strava Support page re Fitness:
Fitness is calculated using your Relative Effort (based on either heart rate data or Perceived Exertion input) and/or power meter data. This way you can identify patterns in your training and see the big picture of how all your workouts are adding up over time. Your score is entirely relative to you. It serves as a benchmark, to show how many points you currently have compared to any date in the past two years.

One thing to note is that unlike the Training Peaks metrics, it isn’t designed to flag overtraining (as the same support topic states). Hence why the ranges are so narrow.

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If you don’t wear HR or have a HR you need to estimate your effort in the workout. This is accessible via web and in app:

You can’t change the fitness graph in the app - it’s possible via the website:

Yeah that was the thing that didn’t make any sense. In the app it says here is a graph that might be determined by heart rate or power or perceived exertion but it doesn’t tell you which one you are looking at. But yeah, on the website you can choose. Strange choice of words on the app.