Strava "Fitness" Score

So something new as part of Summit just came out. Seems to use their Relative Stress score (which was already based on I don’t know what) to offer some numbers that seem to make no sense to me because there is no scale of where they could fall.

Can someone explain if/why this is actually a benefit? Strava keeps rolling out stuff I don’t really care for, so thinking of going back to the free membership next year

I noticed this change this morning. No idea what is going on. A quick scan of their ‘chart’ and my fitness was off the scale at the beginning of the year. I’m going to knock TrainerRoad on the head and stick with Strava! :wink:


And the “Explore Segment” feature which I quite enjoyed is now seemingly gone from the iOS app.

I saw this announcement today. Haven’t they had fitness / freshness in Summit for a while now?

Those figures are just Strava’s version of TSS, CTL, ATL, TSB, IF, etc.


Some people dont do TR or TP etc but they do strava. This new feature gives those a way of tracking training effect over time. It provides an extra way for people to evaluate their training.
Any metric is only good if you use it repeatedly and for many this will be it

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The info from a link:

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Only based on HR data…

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Is this new? I feel like I’ve had it for a couple of months now.

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I think some of it has been there for a while but the new update added to it

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I’ll have to take a peep. I did notice they ask for RPE now…

ETA So is this different to the ‘Fitness and Freshness’ PMC chart they’ve had? :thinking:

ETA2: OIC. So it’s been added to the app. I saw the promo in my feed but it took me through to the ‘More…’ screen where I could still see Segment Explorer @Cleanneon98. Perhaps it’s being rolled out slowly.

For me, relative effort has been there for a while and is HR based
Fitness just came out today and is based on relative effort and power metrics

I have used a Strava Beta through “TestPilot” on iOS only a few weeks ago and did not see this fitness thing either so assumed it was new.

I see now. It is new. However I don’t know how to get to it on my iPhone :rofl:

Edit: I had to restart the app…

If you pull down the Relative effort tab, there’s an option for power.
Just glanced at it, I get a very different trend from TP.


It can calculate it based on Power if you’re giving power data to Strava.



Is this the same as the fitness/freshness chart that was already available on strava for the past few years? Then its garbage because it only lets you use a single FTP number and doesn’t allow progression of fitness. It recalculates each time you change your FTP for all historical data. I’ll stick to using elevate


Yup it’s the same. Strava has had pretty much zero innovation for years now.

Right. I was a Strava premium subscriber until this year and I guess I haven’t missed it. It is kind of fun to use the analysis for segments for comparison but that was about it.

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It’s a data harvesting App & I get the feeling that’s the primary aim, not much else seems to be going on.


Yeah I couldn’t agree more. Strava keeps rolling out silly features but still has major issues like duplicate entries in Apple Health.

I actually just canceled my Strava Summit today


I just put up the best power and highest HR numbers of the year yestrday and this “fitness score” doesn’t seem to reflect that. Useless