Anyone elses elevation wrong after doing real life ride?

For some reason, I get very generous elevation numbers for my rides IRL? Is there any way to edit this? My NP is also very different to Strava but I’m sure that’s been covered and TR is the one to follow :smiley:


Wait…you’re telling me we can ride outside??

Jokes aside, I think Strava directly uses your head unit’s elevation data if the head unit has a barometer, otherwise it will try to auto-correct the GPS-derived elevation data. Which head unit do you use?

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My elevation doesn’t always add up and strava and Garmin connect can also have differences in them. I have done same course as my colleagues and there are big differences in elevation.

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hmm, I just had some fun doing a short ride in the central coast mountains on Saturday and here are some stats…

Garmin/Strava: 2018 feet (w/o correction)
RideWithGPS: 2148 feet (w/o correction)
TrainerRoad: 2235 feet

(Strava will use whatever it gets from Garmin Edge 520)

Normalized Power:
Garmin: 211 watts
Strava: 203 watts
RideWithGPS: 210 watts
TrainerRoad: 209 watts

and oddly enough, much closer results from a climbing ride back in April:

6742 feet : Garmin
7190 feet : Strava (corrected/recalculated as it didn’t match other riders)
6771 feet : RideWithGPS
6867 feet : TrainerRoad


Another compounding factor is that there are filters in the GPS recording on Garmin devices. Example, if you go over a series of small rises of 6 feet, you might not record any total ascent numbers. There is a filter of approximately 2 metres in the software to try to eliminate the natural variability of the barometer. Other devices filters might vary . If you watch the elevation change and total ascent at the same time you will notice a lag in the total ascent number which doesn’t change until you cross the filter level.

Yes - trainer road gives me very high elevation numbers for outside rides also. To be honest, I never know what software to really believe. Strava gives me higher elevation numbers than my iPhone based bike computer also - which seems to be the most accurate based on riding known hills on the road.

If my elevation on Strava is incorrect, you can click on it and click correct elevation and it’ll update it based on land maps.

I was missing 3000ft from one of my rides where my garmin was wet and the little hole on the back of it had water in it.