Why is TR elevation gain different than what's on Garmin/Garmin Connect/Strava?

I am getting quite a big difference with TR being higher than the rest. Any ideas?

Hey @LarrytheStanimal,

I answered this question in another thread a little while back. I have linked the response below:

Thank you. But if TR gets the data download from Strava, why not also download the Strava elevation data for consistency? Or is that something Strava feels it has IP rights over? I would understand that if Strava had its own calculation but Garmin and Strava values are the same, so there isn’t any precision added by a Strava algorithm.

Are you sure that’s true? I’m not sure how you’re getting each — my Garmin uploads to Strava, but my Garmin tends to have wonky/inconsistent elevation data, so I hit “correct elevation” and it typically changes.

Not saying one’s more or less correct, just saying my Strava and Garmin elevation don’t match when they calculate it independently.

Well, in the case of my last ride Garmin and Strava are aligned, but TR is almost 25% higher than both. This is not a major issue but I am curious about this.

Strava only sends over the raw GPS data, not the data that they have interpreted into elevation gain/loss. This means that we have to interpret the data ourselves, using the tools that we have at our disposal.

While we could allocate resources towards improving the tools we have to analyze raw elevation data, we don’t feel that it would be worth the expense since elevation gain is not tracked within TrainerRoad at this time.

I hope that clears things up!

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Just curious as to why my Strava/garmin elevation and my TR elecation are so different. TR elevation seems a lot closer but just wonder why strava is off and what is the way of fixing it.