Strava synchronization


Is there a way to get TR workouts synced to Strava without getting the Strava workouts to TR calendar.

I track my commutes as well and getting the whole months commutes to the calendar in TR gets the calendar bloated and slow.

I have a similar problem. What I do is manually delete the ride

If the sync has to be two way due contracts made with strava, one option could be that you could add option to TR calendar to “show TR rides only”. Same way you can do in Career -> Past rides page.

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While not free and not, perhaps, as good of a solution, you can set up one-way synchronization with Tapiriik.

Thanks, didn’t remember that. I have used sync my tracks app in the past. I’ll check if that supports TR.

Unfortunately, setting up sync is a two-way street. The workaround I’d suggest, though it involves a bit of manual labor, is to turn off Strava Sync and only upload TR rides to Strava manually. You can download the .FIT files of your workouts under the 3-dot menu on your completed ride page.


That sound a bit too much work, especially when using only mobile devices. Saving files and uploading them to and from services that are not working well on mobile.

I think I’ll just stick with the bloated calendar.