Strava Sync - one way?

Has Strava sync changed?

I used have all my outdoor rides pulled from strava to trainerroad, but not have my TR workouts pushed to strava. Now it seems to be both or neither.

I’d like the choice back please!

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I noticed the same thing…seconded.

I’d be interested in this too

Was,t this always the case? Thats why I stopped syncing with Strava.

How were you achieving it? By setting you profile to private on Strava?


Mine has always done that, but as my strava uploads are private by default, I just make those rides/workouts public afterwards that I want.

I can’t remember for the strava sync, but with the garmin sync, you get to choose which way it operates. Not sure if it’s the same for the strava sync, you could disconnect, and connect again?

Hey @fullenglish,

I’m sorry that your Strava Sync seemed to change suddenly. Luckily, all you need to do is disconnect and reconnect your Strava in the RideSync page.

When you re-connect, you will be asked to re-authorize through both TrainerRoad and Strava. During the Strava re-authorization, be sure to uncheck this box.

That will allow you to one-way sync your workouts :+1:

Let me know if you have any issues!


Excellent. Thanks!

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