Anybody had old Strava KOM's disappear?

All my old Strava KOM’s are gone…all of them, its like I never existed. There were a bunch 5-6 years ago on trails that have since been changed and a bunch of trails that still exist. Its suddenly like I never existed. Here is an example…I rode with the guy the day we set those times, he is a good buddy… I had the KOM and he was in second…but suddenly he has the KOM and I am gone. Chevron/Callahan/Dry Pond/Chevron Loop | Strava Ride Segment in Reno, NV

Is your profile set to private? Looking at the linked ride I can see that you rode with him however if I click on your ride it does not show up. If you have changed your strava profile to private or followers only that could be why.

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Yeah privacy setting will wipe them all. If not then try the refresh my achievements option in the order settings under where create a route and export GPX etc are.

Other less likely option is someone (ex-wife, cat on keyboard) went on a flag spree on your KOMs

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Its not set to private…and I havent changed anything ever. I cant find anything to “contact us” or create a ticket on Strava…just a bunch of BS FAQ pages.

Same thing, I clicked through, hit “rode with” saw you, and the requested activity could not be found.

This usually is a matter of either something getting deleted, or privacy settings changed.

What happens when YOU click the link?

I see the ride…weird because all my settings are public

Been happening all day, on and off. Something wrong on Strava’s end.

Here are my privacy settings

I noticed all my KOM’s were gone earlier this week, I just finally had the time to look deeper into it. It is BS that there is no obvious way to submit a ticket.

When you go to edit that specific ride, what are the privacy controls set to?

It seems as if this is happening to others today too as said above, I wonder if privacy controls are getting changed on individual activities, since it exists but I can’t see it ( and the leaderboard apparently doesn’t ) or if it’s something misreading the privacy controls.

Yeah, all I saw at the very bottom of the support page was a “send a request” button that opened up some chat log type thing, and I never have much faith in those.

I submitted a ticket a couple weeks ago, let me look…

It does appear that the “Submit a request” at the very bottom of the support pages are the route to support a ticket

Login and submit

It was set to “followers”…I just changed it to everyone. I had that KOM for over 7 years and that exact trail doesnt exist anymore so nobody can take it. It was there just a few weeks ago then suddenly disappeared.

Wow, had to dig for that one, obviously they dont want to make it easy to submit a ticket. I had like 10-12 long standing KOM’s just disappear…really frustrating, especially now that I’m 53 and have no chance of going out there any matching those times from 7-8 years ago.

Frustrating. A month ago my premium disappeared and I struggled to find a way to submit a ticket. Should have tried the obvious first, but hey they could simply make it easier to submit a ticket.

Well good news is now that you changed the privacy setting, I can see both the activity, and it shows as you having the KOM when I click that top link.

Frustrating that this is happening, changing them on random old activities, but at LEAST it seems like you can undo the harm manually…


I’d probably adjust your password just to be safe.

Don’t bother submitting tickets to Strava. You’ll wait a month just for them to acknowledge it and even then they just ask if it is still an issue and we’ll close this off unless you reply. Ymmv but I don’t think they care about members - free or premium


My Mont Ventoux and Alpe d’Huez KOMs vanished!!!