Strava Integration - Data Calculation


Not sure if this question has already been asked but I am curious how the data is syncronized from Strava to TR.

Is it being re-calculated or just synced as it is?

The reason I am asking is if FTP value is not updated on Strava side, NPs and Avg. Power and according to this IF and TSS will be lower.

I am not a premium member of Strava so I am not able to update my metrics there.

Just curious.


Are you using Strava on your phone to log rides? I’ve never done that myself.
I know that when you log a ride on a Garmin device TR uses it’s own FTP to calculate those numbers.

FTP doesn’t sync from TR, but you can update it yourself in the mobile app (go to profile → edit → scroll down). You don’t need to be a premium member.


Found it. Thank you so much. Case seems closed :slight_smile: