Strava image not showing

Hi all. I know this has been discussed previously. I have synced strava to TrainerRoad and made sure everything is public and given access to all the permissions. I have tried everything mentioned here that I could find and on Reddit. I have unsynced strava and resynced it as well. In my settings it appears as if my image would sync. I have completed 3 workouts now and they do not upload later. I’m not sure what to do now.
Thank you!

So the workouts upload to strava but the image doesn’t?

If so; do you edit the strava post soon after it’s uploaded? Say title or comments etc?

Hi! Yes, my activities immediately upload to Strava with the name of the activity (today it was Geiger -1) with mileage, power, etc. Just no photo! Today however it did start to process the photo. It is grayed out and says “processing media” on the top. It has been almost 5 hours since then though so I doubt the image will decide to populate. Who knows tho… at least this time it is showing something as processing. In the past it has always missed syncing the photo.

Hey @bethanybrunner,

What @AussieRider is asking here is, are you editing the activity at all on Strava after it appears? This could be changing the name, the bike listed on the ride, adding other photos, or anything else.

We’ve found in the past that editing the activity on Strava before the image uploads can block the image from syncing altogether.

Let me know your thoughts, and I can look into this some more. :man_detective:

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For several months, I’ve been having the same issue as the OP, very consistently on every TR indoor workout. I do a TR ride, the ride uploads immediately to Strava, and the image never posts. Because I know this is happening, I just take a screenshot of the workout in TR and post that into Strava, but it would be nice if TR could fix it.


Hey there,

Could you try disconnecting and reconnecting Strava/TR from your Activity Sync page? That might be worth a try if you haven’t done so already, and it often solves this issue. :slight_smile:

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