Unable to edit my ftp history section

I was told that I could edit/remove the ftp history section of my TR profile while logged in via the web browser. I cannot see any way to remove an incorrect record from the list. All there appears to be is the “Add record” button. There’s no “delete record” option.


I have the same issue and would like to delete an extra one that was some how duplicated on the same day. :thinking:


Must have just changed as it was there the other day as I deleted some a week ago.

Edit: took Nate and Bryce off as @mcneese.chad added support which makes more sense.

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I suggest contacting support@trainerroad.com to see what they can do. It used to be possible, so something must have changed.


I’ve encountered today the exact same problem… :neutral_face:

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I contacted support last night and they are aware of this issue. They are working on it and will push out the fix on next release. Support was very helpful.


Cheers Scott

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Thanks for moving me here, question answered @mcneese.chad


perfect - thank you guys. Same problem here!
thx for the upcoming solution!

Just wondering when the ability to remove ftp history numbers is going to be back?

yeah, i also wont to remove a duplicate but cant see the delete button anymore

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Adding to the curious crowd…

Surely this isn’t too difficult to add back? I mean its been there and working for a long time until they only just decided to remove it :thinking:


Hey ya’ll,

I spoke with our Product Managers regarding the removal of the “delete” option in your FTP history chart, and unfortunately, it had to be removed since it was causing trickle-down issues resulting in performance issues for the website. In order to bring this feature back, it requires a full rebuild of the FTP processing system, and as a result, it will likely be a while before this capability returns.

I’m sorry I don’t have better news at the moment :pensive:.


That’s very disappointing to hear

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Hey Bryce, since it’s going to take a while, could customer service at least delete some record for us in the meantime? The performance issues must not be that important since the delete option was there for years? When I asked, the agent said it was not possible…

The function was around for years, but we recently found out that it was causing major performance issues with our website. Whether an agent deletes the record or you do, it sadly has the same effect on the backend of the site, which is why agents do not have the ability to remove these either.

I’m really sorry that we don’t have a viable workaround availiable for you at the moment.

@Bryce It’s rather disappointing that we cannot change a simple data entry within our training records. Especially as the software keeps creating random ftp data entries.

Both issues combined are not very helpful in making our progress more transparent. Really hope you get this sorted out rather quickly.


I come bearing good news!

The ability to delete an FTP record from the FTP History page is restored. The “delete” button should now be visible.

One thing to be aware of: the interface lets you click delete/add without waiting for the previous operation to complete. If you have multiple FTP records to delete, wait 5 seconds between operations.
We plan to improve this interface in the future, but for now, it allows you to remove those irrelevant FTP icons from your TSS chart :+1:.