Feature Request: hide FTP?

So when it comes to the Strava upload I like to be able to screenshot the mobile version of the website since it shows me some stats at a glance. However I feel like constantly showing my FTP could come off as a bit pretentious. Wondering if there’s a way to implement a feature to hide the FTP value. Just a thought, example of the screenshot below

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The image that shows up on strava doesn’t have the FTP displayed so couldn’t you just edit your screenshot above to show the numbers (but not the image) and use the combo of the two?


I could but that’s extra work

Just accept the daily flex of your FTP being displayed then :upside_down_face:


Or just edit the photo in your camera roll and draw black over the ftp.

How is it extra work? Your already taking the screenshot, just crop the top part out.

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I’ve tried a few suggestions here


Let’s black it out:

Let’s crop it out:

Cropping seems to work, unless you do any intervals over FTP (fang mountain looks like it has broken teeth):