Strange Chest/Heart Sensation after Rides

I went out for a good 25mi ride yesterday on two days rest and fueled pretty good. Other than a super tough 3 min stretch at 170ish I took it pretty easy. My average HR for the whole ride was 135 with occasional peaks up into 160s. Had the following symptoms afterward:

I always feel pretty good initially when I get done - but as the night goes on I get increasingly grumpy and impatient. By the time I went to bed around 11pm, I felt pretty fatigued. I’m always able to fall asleep initially - but I always wake up a couple hours later and I just toss and turn the rest of the night. It’s like one or two hour sleep then 1 hour awake.

Recently though what’s keeping me awake is a strange feeling in my chest. I’ve never had the feeling/sensation before of “feeling my heart pumping”. It feels so weird it keeps me up deep breathing - especially when I lay on either side. It does not seem irregular or fluttering - it’s just unnerving to feel it pumping. Could be a gastro thing - but it def seems to be where my heart is. So yeah going in to the doc as soon as I can. Probably time to just keep it light and easy.

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I am a random internet guy, I can give medical advice but you should not listen to it.

My friend thought he was having a minor thing, they found a major blockage… Don’t screw around.


I am not trying to be mean, but I just witnessed this exact thing. He did not want to go but someone talked him into it, he is thanking God they did. Please at least get checked out.

Definitely get it checked out.

I have heard that acid reflux can sometimes feel like a hear palpitation. But obviously better safe than sorry. Better to get it checked out and find out that its just acid reflux than to not get it checked and find out the hard way that its a heart issue.

The grumpy and impatient thing is fairly typical I would say. The strange “feeling” in your chest may be nothing, but should be checked by a dr.

+1 to everyone saying get it checked out…Could be Atrial Fibrillation, as my friend has that and says sleeping on the side can set it off. I wouldn’t panic, but I’d definitely call the doc.

How old are you? Is it just after exercise?

The sensation you are feeling is generally referred to as palpitations. It could be nothing, but if you feel like it’s having an impact on you it’s probably worth speaking to your GP/Family Dr. to see if they think it requires further investigation.

AF is just one of a number of abnormal heart rhythms that can cause palpitations (or similar).

It’s probably not worth going into what they all are here but worth knowing that some are harmless and some require treatment - we don’t know until you get checked out medically.

I had a silent heart attack. That was a few years ago and since I passed out at home. EMT’s couldn’t find a blood pressure for about ten minutes after. Took a scary trip to the ER. All kinds of tests and they found nothing. I now have a device to detect arrhythmias and it will be in for three years. So, yes definitely have it checked out.

Everyone else is saying this but…go ask a doctor

only brought it up because of the “sleeping on the side” comment, but consider my reply “smacked down”. You win the internet.

Multiple things could be at play here.
Anxiety could be one.
Heartburn or acid reflux could be another.
But it also could be a serious medical condition.

So yeah. A visit to the doctor is not the worst of the ideas. At best some reflux medicine and you would be done with!

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Can you report back when you’ve had a check? Will be interesting to know if anything is found.


I didn’t think I was being rude and wasn’t intending to ‘smack down your comment’, so I’m not entirely sure why you responded in this way.

I also have similar complaints from time to time, including tightness in the chest and trouble sleeping on one side. I’ve complained about it to my GP and have had a cardiopulmonary stress test twice with nothing out of the ordinary.

My apologies, I inferred a tone that I realize wasn’t necessarily there…Cheers.

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