Heart pain after hard ride

Yesterday I had a race and managed to go my limits. Meaning I made new PRs and came in 4th last (harder category).

However since then I have a little bit of pain on my left side of my chest, slightly going into my left arm. I guess its heart pain. Actually it‘s not really pain, more of a subtle uncomfortable pressure.
Yesterday I was able to hold 94% of max HR (184 bpm out of 197 bpm) for 30 minutes! Was that too much?

Here is the HR curve of yesterday. As you can see it‘s not the first time I was doing something with such high HR.

I feel fine otherwise, a little bit tired and super hungry. Went for a two hour very easy ride today and was fine. RHR is elevated by around 3 bpm which is normal for me after hard workouts.

Has anyone had similar experiences?


Not the answer you might want, but if the symptoms are concerning, you should speak with a medical professional.


There is only one answer, never mess with radiating chest pain into your arm



I would have been posting this from an urgent care waiting room.


I had this experience, a short while later I was almost dead. 0 out of 5 star experience, do not recommend.


Chest discomfort radiating to your left arm means go to the ER.


You might have to really convince your cardiologist to take you seriously (my experience). I was having pressure in my chest with sustained elevated heart rate. The chest pressure was very consistent. A nuclear stress test showed no issues. Blood results were in optimal range - cholesterol, LDL etc. Had to push more and ended up getting a cardiac CT scan which showed an artery that was more than 90% blocked. Had a stent put in two weeks ago. The chest pressure with elevated heart rate is gone now. You are your best advocate.


The patient has to be their own advocate. If you feel something is wrong do not settle for the response “this test shows nothing”, You need a different test. Especially for an athlete that tends to be in tune with their body.


No I haven’t, and would strongly suggest you visit a doctor ASAP and refrain from exercise until you’ve done so.

I want to say that I posted after checking it out at the doctor. I’m sorry, I should have written about that (if you have such pain, please go to a doctor). They did manuel checks, blood work (among other things markers for heart attacks, pulmonary embolism) and ECG. Everything was fine - also I feel fine (besides having another cold now).

That’s why I asked, I was a bit confused. Also I am not sure anymore it’s “heart pain”. It may be any muscle pain.

Thanks for the answers.

Maybe acid reflux or your diaphragm was irritated? Especially if it was cold. I don’t think those answer the arm pain thing but maybe you just had some radiating pain that moved? Definitely seems suspicious though, should probably get a second opinion from a different doctor.