Strade Bianche 2020- racing is back!

What an amazing race. How can one person be this good at bike racing :open_mouth:


absolute power… :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

Great racing today

Great race, can’t believe it’s such a relative newcomer on the calendar.


True hard man’s race today…war of attrition, no Teams to rely on and you had to do the work yourself. Great win for WVA.

And an epic comeback in the women’s race for for Annemiek Van Vleuten.

Gonna enjoy all the racing we can while we can…based on the number of fans in the climbs w/o masks, I’m not hopeful it will last very long. :pleading_face:

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The new classic

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I’d planned to watch Eurosport’s live airing of it whilst on the trainer - they were showing the last 2 hours or so. Timed my workout specifically. But the b*astard Eurosport Player went down across all of my devices for all but the last 15 minutes. Totally ruined my day! Pretty sure it contributed to my DNF of Roan High +2, too.


Two Canucks in the Top 40! :canada::partying_face:

Hey, gotta take what you can outside of hockey.


And curling . . . :grin:


And Tim Horton’s Donuts

And back-bacon, four pounds.

Incredible races! Both of them. Shame the feed on the women’s race seemed so budget. Perhaps just 2 camera bikes so missed the whole action behind the breakaway groups with AVV getting across.


I also planned my day around the programm schedule of Eurosport. Watching the finale of the women’s race and the men’s race while on my trainer in the basement.

But as so often Eurosport’s schedule is a joke, here I missed the finale of the women and had to watch the men’s 2019 for the 100s time. And our Eurosport presenters really suck, now they have new ex-pro “expert” who does not like to cycle anymore. Come on, get someone with passion.

And then all the commercial breaks. I pay a subscription, why do I have to endure these?

And now I can’t even watch the women’s race because it’s not available on-demand. Only the men. Pathetic. Is this how we want to bring women’s racing forward?

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ahh,I see, they’ve moved some of the races to GCN app.

Yeah I have to agree that the womens broadcast definitely had a lower quality to it. also that they only showed the last 30 km or so. I have some hopes that maybe with the GCN racepass things get better. As far as I understood is that Discovery (which owns Eurosport and GCN) wants to bring cycling under one big and globally dominating roof. Lets hope this includes womens racing.

here the women’s broadcast had no quality at all, it was not shown on Eurosport (despite being announced in the schedule). It was only available on GCN.

I’m not really inclined to add a second subscription to my Eurosport subscription.

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Was it a comeback or was it the plan all along?!

AvV’s performance on that final climb to the finish was unreal. I don’t know if she was playing mind games or what but she looked absolutely cooked, and Garcia looked so strong, and then van Vleuten just engaged turbo mode and rode away from her. Women’s live coverage started at about 45km out, Garcia had like a 3 minute lead over the chasers and 5 over the peloton by like 25km and I honestly thought it was over, and then BAM AvV just warps into the chase group. Wild ride.


Man I want to watch these races so bad. Contemplating purchasing the gcn race pass so I can watch the races here in the US. Can anyone confirm that it’s worthy?

Not for the US I’m afraid. Very limited coverage of races due to geo restrictions. Lots of angry Americans on the GCN comments.


What about flobikes? That’s another source I was considering