Quite possibly the two best races of 2023 😲

Do yourself a favor and watch both the mens and womens World Cup Benidorm CX races….both are full gas on the edge of your seat watching. So good


That’s not much of a statement, when there’s barely been any racing so far in 2023 :smiley:

But I agree, both very entertaining and worth a watch.

A mate of mine was near the finish and captured the men’s on video it looked awesome but left me intrigued. I made the mistake of then looking up the result. Knowing the result has probably spoiled it for me :joy: I might check out the women’s on @SpoonFedMoFo recommendation :+1:

Even if you know who won its still worth watching, full gas racing


Im saying in a year from now it will still be at the top

My Heartrate was over 100bpm during the last lap of the men’s race. The best action movies don’t get my heartrate above 65bpm…the women’s was also fabulastic!


Im not really a fan of the stop/start nature of cross but some of the mens race flowed well. I am just watching the women’s race now so no spoilers :wink:

The men’s and women’s CX races were phenomenal in Benidorm! Way better than watching a road race.


Do you have a link of somewhere to watch them? YouTube or something?

How do you watch it?

I was watching on GCN

GCN + VPN for year round cycling joy. The jockeying for position in the last lap of the men’s race was better than Moto GP. Rossi would have been proud.

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Synapse Cycling (or Synapse Cycling 2) on Youtube.

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Exactly - Wish I had the super power to pin this comment to the top of this thread :grinning:
And yes, that was great racing, I usually avoid all cycling news, Twitter etc and save the races CX for TR sessions, and wow those were good ones to watch !!