Stopped Drinking Alcohol

I have stopped drinking alcohol about 4-5 years ago. I never was a heavy drinker, but I would occasionally indulge in a few drinks (beer mostly) at parties. After this many years in which I probably had a maximum 1 beer, I don’t miss alcohol at all. On the contrary, when I drink I feel nauseated and my head hurts right away. So now I can’t even approach alcohol anymore. I know a lot of people who still drink a lot having skin rashes and other health issues and I am sure alcohol is toxic for anyone. I have also written an article to promote why alcohol is bad for humans, if you would like to read it, I would be super-happy: Is Alcohol Bad for You? Yes and Here's Why - Thanks and stay sober, guys! :slight_smile:


Update on my status. Stopped drinking 6 months ago. I previously noted in this thread that my recovery was the biggest noticeable difference. I feel recovered quickly now. Can ride more as a result. Only thing holding me back from more are long work hours and family commitments; 3 small children.

Here’s the update. Went from a previous FTP PR of 240 over a few TR years to 256 today. This is at the end of SSB1/SSB2. Did Medium volume SSB1, and did low volume SSB2 with two added endurance sessions from M-F, and I add 1 x 3.5ish hour outdoor ride on Saturday. 5-6 rides a week.


Thought I’d share my little story. I’m not a drinker, not since my 20s really (I’m now 40). Since having kids and getting on the training wagon in my early 30s I hardly drink at all. I guess that depends on perspective really! I’d say my weekly average is 1-2 drinks on a Friday night and maybe 1-2 on a Saturday night with the occasional 1 on a Sunday. During the week Mon-Thursday I don’t have any.

Anyway, I got the Brewdog advent calendar this year. Thought I’d have a beer a night leading up to xmas but after 11 days, I felt like poop! I’ve been failing or dialling down workouts for the last 2 weeks, figured I was just a bit weak and hadnt been training enough and work stress etc etc. Also, my Garmin body battery was super low but I thought it was a glitch or something. So I decided to stop again.

Last night I drank nothing, I got 7.5 hours sleep, I got up and smashed my workout (Ansel Adams -2 consists of 6x6-minute sets of 50/50’s where you’ll spend 50 seconds at 130% FTP followed by 50 seconds at recovery watts.) on nothing but a quick espresso. My body battery went up to the highest its been in 2 weeks overnight and I feel epic.

Alcohol is the DEVIL :japanese_ogre: :smile:


I’ve spent the majority of my adult life on the alcohol roller coaster. During that time I became a husband, father of two, had success in my career and in my athletic pursuits.

I’ve been sober for over 6 months now and the impact has been felt in all aspects of my life.

The most drastic change was the paradigm shift of no longer centering my life around a 2-3 hour “drinking window” every evening. The paradigm that my daily drinking habit put me in felt like being on a hamster wheel. Getting to that magical hour in the day where I could put a drink in my hand dulled my long term outlook. I didn’t realize how much it was affecting my ability to evolve as a person, husband, father, employee, etc.

As far as cycling related benefits:

  • I sleep much better, thus I recover much better. I am able to ride more frequently with more intensity and have seen my fitness skyrocket.
  • I am more present mentally. I don’t have to deal with the mental effect of feeling physically depleted by the prior nights drinking which leaves more mental bandwidth for the workout at hand.
  • I’ve lost a fair amount of weight by doing nothing more than riding more and not consuming alcohol.
  • I’ve realized that when I was drinking, my mindset towards cycling was to “prove” that I could drink an excessive amount of alcohol every night and still be a cyclist. Riding wasn’t enjoyable as much as it was a way to make up for the abuse that I was putting my body through by dumping alcohol into it every night. Since I stopped drinking I’ve found that my enjoyment of cycling has skyrocketed.

Your comment about focusing on the window every evening to have a drink resonates with me. I’ve also given up alcohol for the exact same reasons you listed. I’m very happy to say that physically it was nothing, but as a habit of “this is what I do in the evenings” it was a little harder to shake, but not earth shatteringly hard. Although…heading out to the garage to work on bikes still feels weird without a beer, lol.

I’m now just at the point where I want to hit a goal weight before having another drink, but then what? I’m historically an all-or-nothing type of personality, and although I do miss a bit of the social aspect, I don’t want to go back to where I was before I stopped. I guess we’ll just see.


Indeed, it’s a very good insight - I didn’t fully realize it until I stopped drinking.


Good job!!!

You find what you needed?

There’s another thread about reaching 4.0 watts/kg in your 40’s (which is most certainly attainable, even in your 50’s).

As a 50 year old, and having used TR for almost 8 years, I can without a doubt say that alcohol use will hamper my fitness gains. Most certainly, it will derail a middle aged athlete’s goal of reaching 4.0 watts/kg.

As a non drinker for approx 4-5 years, I’m in the best shape of my life, mentally and physically.


Stopped drinking around 3 years ago. If you are looking for a great NA Sam Adams Just the Haze is rather good.


I’m stopping alcohol again, at least until my Ironman (~100 days from today).

From my experience, the difference is huge - mostly on the recovery side, but that changes everything.

In 2021 I was preparing for Nice Ironman - needed to give up after the date change (Covid restrictions). I didn’t drink at all during ~3 months. I was feeling very well rested, even the days after long and hard sessions.

This year, I’m doing similar (just a bit lower) volumes of training, but didn’t stop alcohol - while I do progress, I feel tired quite often and hence train at lower intensity that I feel I could (as compared to 2021).

Will report the results at the end of the period.


Alcohol definitely messes up my sleep and therefore messes up my recovery. This is probably a bigger problem for 50+ athletes than for 20 and 30 year old athletes.


I have also given up alcohol altogether and feel very good about it. My friend also refused as it had a very bad effect on him and now he has ED. The doctor prescribed him treatment, including Generic Cialis . He already has progress, but I think that alcohol is not worth it.

Good thread this! I noticed my units increasing over the summer and my recovery for subsequent workouts struggling. I used Stoptober to reduce consumption and into late Nov sticking with it. Recovery is better, sleep is better and noticing body composition improvements. I do however believe in everything in moderation and with Xmas approaching I’m sure I’ll have a festive tipple, but mentally I’m sure I won’t be drinking to excess as I progress into my 40’s!


My favorite thread. I have been going strong since November 1 and just sleep alone is amazing not having a couple beers in the evening. Sure is tough not to stop in the local breweries while out and about town though!

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I’m going to have to try out some of these non-alcoholic beers. I’m laying off the brew as well this season, but it sure would be nice to have a cold one to pretend with.