Stomach virus, next day I can not with training?

Hello, this week I started SSB 2 Mid Vol, I did the ramp test, the training on Thursday at 0.83, no problem, on Saturday I passed it on Friday and I did it outside. but on Saturday I got sick, with a stomach virus, my whole body hurt and I did not have the strength to get out of bed, I could hardly eat anything. Yesterday I get up very well after being all night sweating in bed (I do not mean sweating with sex). I felt very good, I had a normal breakfast and I decided to train the training that I played this week on Sunday, 90 minutes at 0.83, they were 5X12 88-94% with 3 minutes of recovery. the first two endured well, but since the third could not, had no strength, in the recovery had to longer than it was, and in the last series gave the feeling of doing intervals of VO2.

Surely it was due to the virus of the previous day, (I had lost a kg in one day). But it makes me wonder if suffering so much in this training on Sunday is because the ramp test is superior to what I have or the virus. Has anyone had similar problems? In these cases what do you do? And how long does it take to recover from these problems?

Take a couple of days off and let your body recover - last thing you want to do is get into the vicious cycle of not letting your body recover, work harder and then dig yourself further into a hole.

You’ll get more out of your workouts if you’re firing at 100%


completely agree w/ @JCorfield. If you have experienced any vomiting or diarrhea you can be not only dehydrated but depleted of nutrients and electrolytes. When you start to get your energy back after any illness, although you may feel like a million bucks, your body is still trying to get over whatever you just had. From a physiologic standpoint, you have to be in tip top condition to complete some of these harder efforts. That includes being well rested, recovered w/o much residual fatigue, adequately hydrated etc. I generally tend to ease back into working out depending on how bad the illness was. If it was minor, it may only take 2-3 days to recover. If it was something respiratory related for instance, it may take a week or 2 to kick the residual symptoms. I use easy days in the pool, the bike as well as running and try not to go harder than low aerobic efforts for the days following the resolution of your illness. If you are following a plan, it may even set you back a week. If you get sick in the beginning of the week, it may be more important to get over your illness, do some light training the days following the illness and then restart that week. It is far better to be a week behind and to be relatively healthy than to try and train beyond your bodies means and become injured. Happy training!

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Thank you very much for your answers, I will keep it in mind. It is totally true, that even if you find yourself feeling well, the body inside has not been restored.