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Yes, there’s evidence that 1:1 is good but I’ve never tried it. I’ve just been doing 2:1.

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We might be similar than you think. I have been using TR for long distance triathlon training so also doing a lot of 20/30/60 min intervals, the plans also throw in 90 and 120 min high tempo work. I got very good at that so would generally avoid / fail the V02 max stuff, anything over 90 seconds was a problem, but I thought it was irrelevant as I needed to keep the long intervals the primary focus.

As a result I could easily pace a solid 20 min FTP test and probably get a 30 watt higher FTP vs the ramp test, but I too plateaued this year, hitting the same FTP 3 times on more volume (SS and below). But off the higher FTP I was failing V02, so I am going to drop to low volume for a few weeks, take the ramp test recommendation of a lower FTP and work on the high end stuff.

I feel the TR program has also adapted over the years. when I started out there was a lot of volume in the high volume plans and not too much intensity. the triathlon plans also focused more on long sessions at tempo pace, but that has changed.


There was one additional option you didn’t mention for underwater dolphin kick for backstroke. I coached an outstanding age group swimmer in the late 80s who could seal her nose by scrunching her upper lip. This Facial structure was an incredible advantage for anyone contemplating high level backstroke at the time.

Yes! 100%! My teammates Misty Hyman and Shelly Ripple could do this as could Natalie Coughlin. I really tried but did not have enough upper lip apparently! That is the much better option, unfortunately not available to all of us. :smiley: Who knew upper lips might be as much of an advantage as a long wingspan???

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Imported running and swim sets for the tri plans

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Reviving the speculation to add another guess. Given Chloe’s announcement about the Stan’s-Pivot team coming to an end and everyone having new opportunities lined up, I’m guessing the reveal is that TR is going to be sponsoring an XC team that Keegan will be racing for.


This all of a sudden seems very plausible indeed!

I wonder what the team make up/equipment choices would be?

It’d be cool if they had a Clif-TrainerRoad MTB team. I don’t know how much it costs to run a team, but it can’t be cheap.

Pivot bikes still? Yeti don’t make a World Cup worthy XC bike and there’s already a lot of Specialized riders/teams (thinking of what connections already exist).

Speculation is fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re: mouth taping - Been looking around a bit online after hearing about this on the podcast. What’s the brand you’d recommend?

I only do it to prevent a leak in my mouth with my CPAP. I’m not into the other hype around it.

But I use 3M 3-inch paper tape.

Thanks - with hype you mean the ‘not mouth-breathing’ to get better teeth etc.?

The teeth thing I believe. But there are some other health things that are claimed that I don’t understand the science/research on so I’m not on that train.

Not saying it’s true or not, just I’m not up on it and I don’t want people thinking I’m endorsing it.

Fair! I’m interested in the stuff that’s mentioned on better sleep, only way to find out is to try myself.

Has the Nate and Amber tandem been commissioned yet?

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