Stephen Seiler LIT Twitter Experiment

Anyone else signed up for this? Essentially its an RPE comparison between a single 4hr indoor ride against 2x2hr indoor rides, all done at 60-70% FTP.
The 2x2hr rides are done on the same day as each other (but obviously not the same day as the 4hr ride!) with 6hrs between the workouts and RPE noted every 20mins.

I am planning on doing the 4hr tomorrow (chamois cream at the ready) and probably do the double session next weekend. Should be interesting to see the results

Sounds interesting and would fit with me doing TBHV atm but I’m not sure I could manage 4hrs on the turbo :scream:

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Yeah not sure how fun it’ll be, I’ve got some movies downloaded . He’s quite active on twitter, worth asking if he needs more participants