Steady weight loss training - which workout?

Hi, since the virus pandemic started, been doing TR a lot.

Is there any guide or tips that shows which workouts are the best for weight loss with around 80-90% FTP?

I found Acho and Abbey. Are there more?


Not sure what you’re looking for, exactly. Do you want workouts to help you lose weight, or workouts that have intervals around 80-90% FTP?

If you filter the workout list for Tempo and Sweet Spot zones, you’ll get sessions that focus on efforts around 80-90% FTP:


If you’re trying to lose weight, check out some of the other discussions on that topic. There aren’t really “weight loss workouts” in the catalog, because losing weight is more about what you do off the bike than on it.


Awesome, didn’t know there was a filter for it! Thanks so much!

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I would also recommend calorie counting. We all have the time, and it’s something I want to do, too.

I’m no nutrition expert, but I do have a degree in exercise science, so I’m only an idiot about some things. When I’ve been at PROPER race weight while also training, I counted calories. I did it a little differently than many, and I think it worked great. So here’s what I did, if you have any interest. I used MyFitnessPal.

  1. Set my activity level to sedentary
  2. Set a conservative weight loss goal
  3. Add all workout calories BACK in (using kJs as calories, not HR)
  4. Lose weight

What ended up happening is I’d have a baseline of ~1500-1650C. Then, I’d do an hour with ~800kJ, and my daily total would be 2300-2450C. If I felt bad, I’d add another 150-200C, and that was that. On rest days, I’d be very generous with adding in walks or other random calories and still keep it a bit under 2000C or so. It was comfortably difficult, but it was effective. I didn’t do much high intensity, but I think that’s appropriate for now anyway.

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And for general weight loss info, here is a search in the Nutrition category, with weight-loss tag, for threads that might be worth reading: