Starting over after Covid

I’ve had both the “original” and “new and improved” Omicron variants, and my experiences were different:

  • Original - my body basically did the windows thing and rebooted - I literally sleep for ~48 hours straight - but I was basically fine after that. I had no impact on training / elevated heart rate. This was just at the start of the pandemic
  • Omicron - after Pfizer full course + booster - the symptoms weren’t as severe, but they lasted for the better part of a week. I had lingering fatigue that took ~2 weeks before I could even walk my dogs 4 miles on a basically flat route. Since starting easy riding on my trainer, my heart rate is still pretty elevated - for the same heart rate, I’m putting out 20 - 30watts less

Thanks @AlphaDogCycling for the info. In our family of four three of us have recently come down with Omicron in the past month. All vaxed+1 booster. Daughter (20) just sniffles for a couple days. Wife had a fever, congestion and general flu like symptoms for maybe a week. Both fully recovered in 2 weeks.

As for me, I’m now day 7 and getting better. I’ve had at most what could be described as head cold like symptoms. Short ride today super easy. Felt normal but, I was just turning the pedals over. Not sure what HR is doing as I don’t monitor much anymore. I’ve gained weight which is just adds insult to injury.

One thing that was odd though…early on I was actually racing before any symptoms showed. Peak power even at the end of the races was ok but, sustained (think break) was really bad. Recovery during the race was abnormally/uncharacteristically hard. But, I had chest tightness after each race which I’ve never experienced before. It went away but, a strange feeling for maybe 30 minutes to an hour after the final sprint. Covid being more vascular I’m wondering if some damage was done? Time will tell.

Had it Dec 2020 and two weeks ago. Both made for a miserable week. I’d say I’m coming back a bit quicker from the latest one but that is probably because I’m being less cautious.
For both wrote off a solid month from meaningful training.

If you use, you can easily track HR vs. power pre and post COVID to compare - see the below for me. I’m using this as a check on how I’m doing / coming back. Plus I have a stress echocardiogram scheduled for August, which should be interesting

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My lingering effects were the same, but the virus was far, far worse the first time around for me (pre-vaccine).

Based on prevalence at the time I likely had Original / Delta.

I think all the consensus is don’t underestimate this virus. It’s wierd. I’ve had symptoms that I’ve never experienced before.
Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, fellow TR obsessives. Stay calm, take a break, have a beer with your partner. You’ve got your whole life in front of you, it’s ok to drop the ball for a while.


Anyone have any idea what protocol pro teams/athletes follow?

I’ve posted several articles, here is a link to one post:


Here’s my diary so far.

28th May Covid strikes a few hours after a hard run where everything felt normal

W/C 30th May : Everything just feels exhausting but can’t sleep. Short walking at a stroll is exhausting.

W/C 6th Jun: Endurance bike pace HR is at +10-15bpm, Walk pace/HR returns to normal.

9th Jun: Covid test negative.

W/C 13th Jun: Easy run pace is at +15bpm, swim exhausting, Endurance bike pace returns to normal.

W/C 20th Jun (so far): Sweet spot bike pace/HR recovered, run at recovery pace tiring but normal HR, swim pace/HR returned to normal.

I’ll be testing easy run pace later in this week and threshold bike next week.

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