Starting FTP year after year?


I started my first off-season with TR earlier this year on January 3, 2021. My ftp was 242 after my first test and I was able to raise it to 277 by May 2021.

I just started my second season with TR on 12/28/21 and my ftp was 242 again. I took some time off in early November, folowed by a bunch of Zone 2 rides, and am just starting to build up again so I knew my ftp would be much lower than my peak earlier this year.

My question is: do most people start their TR base phase with a slightly higher ftp than they did the year before, or is it normal to start at the same spot again?

Thanks in advance.

Do the ramp test and it is what it is.


I’ve been mostly off the bike since September, so I spent the last week testing in preparation for the New Year. I went from a threshold of about 240 to 200, so I’ll start lower than I was a few months ago. I go from 200-280 and back down in the course of the year.

My question is: do most people start their TR base phase with a slightly higher ftp than they did the year before, or is it normal to start at the same spot again?

As Stonerider says.
It would be nice if that were the case! But ,sadly no, life gets in the way for most people.
There’s a new thing coming on TR, where you can get your FTP without doing a ramp test.
Many folks don’t like the ramp test, and it will mean you can monitor your FTP levels without the dread of pain the ramp test invokes.
You should be able to take time out, and do some different things on the bike. If you live in the UK, you would want to take advantage of any decent weather after our long cold dark winters.
But you’ve got a benchmark figure at 242, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes you to get to 277+ . Maybe less time than last year.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am thinking I will get to 277 faster this year. I was just curious whether people start the second and third years at a highger ftp than the first year.

You start from wherever you’re at.
If you know where your FTP is at from riding outdoors, you can carry that in, but personally I would still do a ramp or 8 minute test and take that for what it is.

If you’ve taken time off for some reason (life/choice/injury), you’re much less likely to just pick up where you left off prior to your break.

Thanks for the reply. I did a ramp test Tuesday and scored 242, which is exactly where I was at this time last year. I was curious if that is common or do most/some people start their second year at a higher ftp than the year before.

I think you’ll find it varies.

I’ve been using TR since 2014 (I think) and for my first few years posted increasing numbers.

As I get older, am dealing with injuries, and have decreased bike time, that has changed.

This year’s plan is to try and roughly follow some TR workouts for my outdoor rides and see where that lands me.


Just starting my second year of trainerroad- only took a couple of weeks off over the autumn & then restarted the training cycle so haven’t seen a loss of fitness and am effectively starting at a higher level than in my first year

2017 - 246w
2018 - 289w
2019 - 324w
2020 - 340w
2021 - 341w
2022- 340w

I’ve largely been floating at 340w for 2 years as I’ve just been doing zone 2 and a load of running to slim down.


Thanks for the replies. I thought it was possible to start at a higher number each year. I will have to make sure to keep my fitness up next year. I really fell of my cycling September through early December, which I think set me back.

Rob: did you take any time off in those first three years? I took a month off from the end of October until the end of November this year because I thought it was a good idea to rest but I think it may have been too much.

What weeks did you take off? Just curious. When you restarted, did you go right into a base program?