Stages L with Bluetooth - Battery drain because the connection remains on after a workout

Just a quick question.
I’ve observed a lot of battery drain on my stages since moving indoors and using TR

I use TR on my iphone and it connects via Bluetooth to my wahoo Kickr and Tickr, plus my stages L power meter.

After a ride, I just close the app and move on but I leave my iphone in the same room. What I have noticed, is that even after the app is closed that I’m still connected to the wahoo kickr. I can tell this because the lights are the kickr are still showing connected. Once I turn off bluetooth on the phone, the connection drops.

Do you think that it’s still connected to the stages as well, and keeps the power meter on until I either manually turn off the connection or get out of range?

Anyone else seeing this?


I had this problem before with my Stages. I fixed mine by making sure I leave the left crank arm straight down when I finish riding. It seems that it may not turn off if the crank is parallel to the ground. It fixed my problem, but I use ant+ not bluetooth. Good luck.

The best way to resolve this issue is to simply force-close out of the TrainerRoad Application when you are done using it. This should terminate the connection and allow your Stages to go to sleep as intended :slight_smile:

There was a problem with Stages in the past not going to sleep as intended. Check the firmware is up to date and manually close the connections to the powermeter just to be sure.

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Email Stages support, I found them to be really helpful.
My battery was draining quickly and the test to see if it was going to sleep is to connect using the mobile app, then wait 10 mins without moving the crank and see if you can still connect. If it is correctly going to sleep you won’t be able to connect.
FWIW they replaced my gen 2 for a gen 3


Quick Update:

Definitely a known problem in the GEN 2 power meter, but since it was out of warranty, nothing can be done. Stages offered me a 20% discount on a new GEN 3, which was nice of them.

I’ve decided that it will be cheaper to get a ANT+ dongle and stop using bluetooth to run TR.

It should arrive any day, and I’ll make the switch. Hopefully that fixes the batter drain.

Fingers Crossed


Quick update:

Power problems only with using BlueTooth.

I’ve switched complete to ANT+ and the problem has gone away.