Kickr - resistance low after spin down?

I experience not enough resistance from time to time on my Kickr (2016). I noticed the other day that the watts displayed on the Wahoo app were a bit off from my Stages so I did a spin down.

After the spin down, I had very little resistance. I was getting 50 watts in the small ring. I would have had to use the big ring and a small cog to get 200 watts.

The solution is to power it off and power it back up. It seemed ok after that. Does it keep the spin down settings?

Since I take all power from my Stages, I’m probably going to stop doing spin downs on the Kickr.

I’ve had this happen from time to time. I wonder if I should try an advanced spin down.

Do they all do this? Nothing to worry about?

I was having something similar with my CycleOps Hammer.

Just out of curiousity, are you using an iOS device to connect to TR? My solution has been to let everything connect in the app, then turn off bluetooth in my iphone settings and then back on again, that fixes it as well. This is a new problem for me, as it used to work great. So I’m wondering if it’s a result of the newer version of iOS and/or TR app.

I’m also using a Stages power meter, so that could be the culprit as well.

Yes on iOS but it’s not with the TR app. I’m just using the Wahoo app.

I’ll try disconnecting bluetooth and reconnecting next time just to see if it does anything.

I’ve been riding a lot of Z2 this winter and I’ve noticed a few times that I was 3 or 4 cogs off from where I was before (at the same power). It can just change day to day.

curious if the bluetooth toggling works. I don’t remember this happening until i upgraded the old iphone SE i use for TR to the latest version of iOS.