Stages hrm, anyone use one?

Anyone have good or bad experiences with the stages hrm? The price seems good (on sale too) for a blue tooth hrm. (Since TR doesnt support an ant+ to BL brigde, i need to buy a new hrm)

I had the Tickr. Used it for maybe one indoor season (6 months roughly) until the pads basically came apart. I’ve never had this happen with any other brand. My Polar BT has been trusty on my chest for I don’t know how many years. For HR I think Polar is a bike length in front of the pack.

I had one. I got it to replace my btwin (BT & Ant+) unit as the replacements were all out of stock. The Stages Dash failed very prematurely and stages gave me a warranty replacement. The replacement Dash only lasted marginally longer however, so I gave up and tried something else. Initially I wanted a TickR but everywhere was sold out so I got a Coo Spo (BT & Ant +) and so far its lasted 6x as long (which is only circa a year).