Stages Gen 3 offset question

When I calibrate my stages pm the offset is always 0. I would have thought there would be at least some offset there?

What’s everyone else’ experience?!

Sorry, should also say I’m using a Wahoo Kickr Snap 2017

If the power looks right based on your RPE I wouldn’t worry about it. The calibration number means very little to anyone outside the Stages engineering team.

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use the Stages app:

the ADC number should be between 840-940 according to Stages. My values are always between 881 (lower outdoor temps) and 886 (higher outdoor temps).

I also recommend using the Stages app to check the battery.


So if the Stages Gen 3 is calibrated in the Stages App, TR will pick that data up and use it…?

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Yes, once a power meter is calibrated, it outputs calibrated readings … TR just takes those readings, and doesn’t do any modification to the numbers the power meter outputs . The Zero reset, is for the power meters internal electronics \ sensors

(this applies to all power meters)


Good to know - thanks!

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Interesting. When I calibrate my stages gen3 PM in the TR OSX (beta) app, it does report the actual offset. E.g. yesterday it said 890.

Which exact TR app do you use?

My iPhone iOS TR app always shows 0 as well. I always thought that strange

If you calibrate your Stages via your Garmin or Stages app the number will be 840 - 940. Are you waking the powermeter up by spinning the cranks a few times? A zero reading on the Garmin head unit or Stages app means it isn’t woken up.

Stages error codes

To echo @bbarrera: Zero Offset in your Stages App should read between 840 and 940 as per Stages:

I myself own a Gen 3 Stages 105 L-only, and the offset is in the 885-887 range.

I get a reading on my stages app no problem but not on my iPhone app. It wouldn’t be connected to the TR app if it wasn’t awake

When I use the Stages app or my Bolt with my LR I always get the high 800s number.

With TR I get 0. Just assumed TR is trying to simplify what we see, like hitting the “tare” button on a scale.

I would always do the calibration on the Stages app when I was using TR. it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Ok, so to add some context to this thread, as some people aren’t seeing what us Stages G3 users are seeing, before my workout this morning I calibrated my Stages through my Wahoo ELEMNT, the Stages app and finally the TR app.

You’ll se that the Wahoo and Stages app agree with a 909 offset, and the TR app shoes a big fat zero.

During the workout, Wahoo and TR app were within 3-5w of each other, so I’m not saying there’s anything wrong, but for those saying 'your offset must be XXX or there’s an issue’, you’re not quite correct…

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Just to reopen this thread a bit and talk about offsets, mine almost always reads under 840! It’s usually between 815 and 838! Not sure if this matters but I do have a ticket raised with stages so just awaiting their response.

Be interesting to see why they say.

Ultegra Gen 3 LS pm


If it continues to drift down then you’ll need a repair I just had my Gen 1 repaired. If moisture or dirt gets in there it can degrade the system. Credit to Stages, they updated my 6 year old Gen 1 unit to Gen 3 for $200 plus shipping.

The thing is, its not really drifting. Its always been in that region…will wait and see what they say on the ticket

Just an update on my situation.

Stages USA got me to run some tests and after this they put me in contact with saddleback, their U.K. distributor. Saddleback contacted me on Tuesday, I sent the power meter back to them and it arrived yesterday. They despatched a warranty replacement on the same day and I had it delivered today!!

Unbelievably good service, especially as the power meter was also out of the 1 year guarantee period! No questions asked

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Just an update for stages users. If you connect using bluetooth then the zero offset returns a zero and connecting using ant+ returns the 850-950 zero offset. I found this out when pairing my new garmin 530. The 530 found the stages (bluetooth) faster and i just selected it. Then after having a few connection issues I re-paired and waited a few extra seconds for the ant+ connection to show up. Not had any issues since.

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