Can you fix this? Calibration offset says zero, 100% of the time

When calibrating my Stages (L side crank) power meter, I’ve never seen the offset number say anything other than zero. How do I know that it’s working?

I’ve also had a history of trouble connecting the PM to TR, often have to restart my computer to get them to talk at all. (Sidebar, TR desktop app also reads the power meter battery to be at 42% no matter what)

I’m suspicious that there’s an issue because I see WILD differences between my indoor (cal. to TR desktop app) and outdoor (cal. to my Garmin 735xt watch) workouts. For example, I ramp tested to an FTP of 222w indoors, but can hold average an wattage of 220+ for 2 hour workouts outdoors, repeat 8min intervals at 275w, etc.

It doesn’t seem to match up.

Help! I want to know I’m getting the most out of my indoor work!

Stages app? Or TrainerRoad app?

TrainerRoad app on the desktop, Mac computer

Start with Stages app, this is what I get with dual sided gen3:

And similar with Garmin Edge 530:

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The Stages app is news to me… and apparently I was behind on firmware, hopefully that will help. Thanks!

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The 0 value for the offset in the TR app is unique to Gen. 3 Stages only. I had a ticket with TR support a couple of months ago and they’re aware. (Probably won’t hurt for you to tell them anyway, in terms of prioritizing bug fixes).

Suggestion was to use the Stages mobile app to do your calibration before your TR workouts.


I’m starting to get wild readings from my Stages — declining and/or flatline power. Thought maybe it was a Bluetooth thing so I connect and calibrate with only the TR app; didn’t help. Will try unsyncing/installing everything & try the Stages app again.

@aschwarz — TR app almost always reads my Stages as ‘yellow’ and 18% battery.

Yeah, if there is one thing I would fix in modern cycling it would be compatible & friendly connectivity across ALL apps and devices. Maybe like a master hub app…I don’t know, but sometimes tech can be oh so annoying.