Stages left sided PM calibration

My calibration number today was 960 but is usually 890 or so but my question is would that have made my power numbers falsely higher during my workout today. They seemed higher but I must wanted to know if it could be this.

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Any changes to your setup recently? I saw a change from 940 to about 918 after I removed my crank set and then reinstalled it. I think a big temperature change would also cause a change a calibration. I only see about a value change of 3-4 max on a typical day.

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Yeah definitely the temperatures are down to zero here but that would be the only change. I wonder would that high reading cause me to have falsely high power output??

Should be no major deviations in readings as I believe the value is just to tell you what temperature slope has been applied, (mine ranges from around 879 on a really cold day to 888 on a really hot one). This means as long as you offset every time the setup or temperature changes you should get consistent readings. At least this is what I think happens.

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Good to know. My power reading was higher than normal but I was fresh and tried activating glutes and 10 mins foam rolling beforehand so I was hoping that was why my power was higher.

As @Craig_Paterson says, the temperature only moves it by 10 or so on mine too. Also cold weather moves it lower not higher as you saw.

Has it stayed at or around the new value now? Just curious in case mine does something similar

I seen it going up to maybe 910 before but it always goes back to 890 or thereabouts so not overly concerned. I’ll check tomorrow to see but my main concern was whether it affected my power output on todays workout?

Agreed, it shouldn’t go up in cooler conditions, it should read a lower number. That seems wrong.

I’ve had mine occasionally say something a little off, if it doesn’t read what I expect it to say based on the temp of my garage etc, I try a 2nd or even 3rd zero offset. That’s always solved it.

From my experience, it should move say 10 points from summer to winter. That’s based on where I live, and we only have a small temperature gradient from season to season.

If you’re regularly seeing movement in the opposite range to normal temperature movement, something is up. I had my first stages giving me odd numbers, I sent it back. It was faulty, they replaced it.

But would it have affected my power output on my workout??

From Stages support:

” The expected range of values is within +/- 50 from 890, so expect to see numbers in the high 800s or low 900s when calibrating properly.


Yeah , thanks. I read that as well. I know my 960 was a lot higher that it normally is but my only query was whether or not it gave me falsely high power during my workout ?

Impossible to answer. If faulty then likely yes, if not faulty and calibration was correct then no.

The calibration is there to take out environmental factors (temperature, mostly) and make sure that the power numbers are the same. So a different calibration number within the valid range means the power numbers stay the same.

However, I think 960 is actually out of the range Stages consider correct, so it is possible that your power numbers were off.

The other thing to look out for is drift - if your calibration before and after a ride is very different, there might be a drift in the power nmbers too.

Practically- first check what your calibration is now, and if it was just a glitch - maybe the crank wasn’t in the right place or it was touching something. Then off course just see if the power you did is repeatable.


Thanks for the advice👍🏽

Mine did similar last year, after 2 rides thinking I was smashing power PRs, the battery died. Once I replaced the battery and recalibrated, I got a more normal calibration number and sadly my power numbers returned to ‘normal’! Have you checked your battery is still good?

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Just an update , so the high calibration I had DID affect my power , making it falsely high. Back to the normal 890 yesterday.


I had a similar issue a few times after my stages got wet. It has affected my power outout in that cases. I had to recove the cover, the battery and live the power meter in dry, warm condirions for a 2-3 days. After that everything has got to normal.

I think mine may have got wet as well. I changed battery today but can’t get it to pair with my garmin or apps today at all.

Tried switching on and off , took out battery a few times but no luck…HELP!!!

Just remove the cover, the battery and leave the power meter open for at least 2-3 days in dry, warm conditions (but not on the heater :stuck_out_tongue: at home, in the room). After that use a brand new battery. I had the same issue and main didn’t work for a couple of days. I thought it died. It was when I was on my bike trip in the Alps so I bought another PM (Garmin Vector S - only this one was available in local shop). But Stages got to normal after a few days. Good luck!

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Just a little update since. My stage PM actually has not worked the last 2 rides. Its calibration is fine and normal but not picking up the power apart from a few seconds at the start maybe going to 4000watts for 2 secs so there seems to be some problem with it!!!

I’d appreciate any solutions.