Stages Power Meter Calibration

Just got a brand new Dura Ace stages R side PM.
First few times of calibration it was reading 890 through a wahoo head unit, which is what the provided instructions say is to be expected. It’s also inline with what my other stages pm reads on a different bike.
But the last couple times or possibly every time I’ve calibrated through the TR app before the ride it reads zero. Is this normal?
I’m doing it right. Cranks are unweighted in the vertical position.

It’s on the ground when I calibrate just put a pic up for visual stimuli.

Those cranks look horizontal to me, not vertical.

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They are but that’s not the position the bike or the cranks are in when I calibrate.

You might want to check to see that the ANT+/USB dongle is close enough to the PM. My stages 2nd gen left side PM is pretty finicky about having the dongle very close. The gen 3 seems somewhat more tolerable.

The numbers it’s giving back during the workout seem accurate but I’ll try moving closer.

I would calibrate through the app rather than the TR software.


If its connected via ant+ you will get the 850-950 range and if its connected via bluetooth it will just return a zero. In my experience with Stages pm’s


Interesting. I just connected through the stages app via bluetooth and got 890.
The TR app must just be giving me the 0.
All good. Case closed.

I run a Stages LS crank and the value through the app/head unit should always be 890 - 950 according to stages support.

When calibrated through TR I always get a 0 as well which I think is a “pass” according to a post I saw from @Nate_Pearson.

My PM drifted down from 890 to 840 and lower. Stages replaced it even though it wasn’t under warranty.

The numbers you see should always be consistent, even if slightly below the 890 figure so long as you’re not getting big spikes of 10-20 up or down then you should be fine!

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Is it normal to the value to change? Mine use to be around 905 over time (1 year) its slowly drifted down to 896. Anyone else the same?

My Stages gen 2 seems to vary depending more on the air temp than anything else. On a very cold morning it will be 915-918 and a hot day in the sun it maybe as low as 895.

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I noticed that too on my other PM. First year the reading was very consistent. 2nd year, still consistent, but a different number.

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It will change based on ambient temperature… something to consider if it’s stored inside in the warmth but is to be ridden outside in the cold…

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