Stage simulation workouts: right PLs?

I’ve seen in the workout library some stage simulation workouts (like the # z - 8DC Stage 7 2013 for example) with very high PL but to me quite feasible compared to standard interval workouts of similar PL. I feel the PL of these stage workouts is overestimated. Am l right?

I’ve not seen them (Stage Simulation Workouts) but custom workouts are completely mis calculated by TR, overestimating their PL’s.

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Hey @Jose_Manuel, the # z - 8DC Stage 7 2013 is not a TR Workout and probably a Custom Workout you are seeing.

Custom Workouts don’t have the same Workout Level logic/rating as TR Workouts, so in essence, the Workout Level you are seeing for that specific workout is not comparable to your Progression Levels and should not be included in them if completed.

If you are following a TR training plan, which I see you are, we recommend excluding ALL Custom Workouts you complete from your Progressing Levels.

Custom Workout Levels inflate your PLs and signal Adaptive Training to give your training plan adaptations you are actually not ready for.

To exclude these types of workouts from your PLs you can go on the completed workout and click on the edit button to Progression Levels, AI FTP Detection:

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  • Are you sure about that?

AFAIK, these were directly created by and for TR back in the day as “events”.

Our indoor virtual cycling challenge 8DC is back for 2014 we’re glad to have you on board! The 8DC stage race will unfold over eight days with races tactics and outcomes that might happen if you were actually riding these profiles. All stages will be done as time based workouts with specific power targets while you workout (just like every other workout in TrainerRoad).

They may well be legacy items that fall well outside of “workouts” and something they’d prescribe today, but these were TR built from all I know. The fact that they got a "Z - " added to the name for apparent sorting seems a hack method to try and “hide” them or at least make them less easy to find. If TR thinks more needs to be done to these to prevent use/misuse, I’d suggest a bit more work to remove them as appropriate.


Yeah I’ve seen these workouts in the catalog before

You are correct @mcneese.chad! Thank you for pointing that out.

I am going to consult with the team and get back on this one as I was not aware of them myself since they fall into a very old timeline challenge (2013-2015).

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These are super old workouts from the early days of TR and were never meant to be training workouts. Instead, athletes used to ride them to follow along with the Tour of California race each year. Each workout Mimicked a stage from the race. If you finished all 8 stages in 8 days, you’d get a badge on your profile.

We do need to remove them from our Workout Library and move the workouts to a Team so that if there is anyone who still wants to use them, they can join the team.

That said, we still recommend excluding them from PLs just to be safe @Jose_Manuel :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification. I agree to exclude the workout from PL. But why exclude it from AI FTP detection? As any unstructured outside ride the effort should be also assessed by AI, right?

I am heading into custom VO2max intensive block that contains lot of combined workouts. For example, 4x3-min VO2max + 30-min Tempo, basically Spencer -4 (VO2max PL 6.4), followed by Carter +1 (Tempo PL 3.3).

Due to known custom workout PL assignment bug, TR have assigned to this workout VO2max PL 9.6. So, as suggested above, I will exclude PL changes for those rides.

But with that, I have same question as @Jose_Manuel: will I miss AI FTP detection at the end of this block (lasts 4-8 weeks, depending how I feel/recover)?

EDIT: seems most of those custom workouts can be split into separate workouts that have equivalent in TR workout library. Is there point doing that and then performing those workouts back-to-back?

Hey @Jose_Manuel! As of right now, excluding the custom workout from your PLs will also exclude it from your AI FTP Detection. However, we found a bug with the toggles where you can’t exclude from PLs/AI FTP Detection, so we’re working on a fix right now, as well as separating both options.

For you, @svens, I’d recommend what you have proposed in the meantime of us fixing this. Perform the TR workouts back-to-back that achieve what your custom workouts would’ve achieved.


Thanks! Having the possibility of separately excluding or not the activity from either PLs or FTP detection would be great

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