SSBHV plan is lower tss than my last 2 month average - don’t want to go backwards

My last two months, I average about 525 TSS weekly (rest week at 275).

I want to select a plan, but even the high volume sweet spot base is only 400 TSS.

My fitness level would drop if I stuck to that plan.

What should I do?

Not all TSS is created equal. A structured training plan tss is different from straightforward riding tss. Just follow the plan and don’t overthink it. Be sure that a high volume structured plan isn’t too much as its a toughie as it progresses through build and specialty.


TSS is overrated. Follow the plan, see where it gets you. If you really want the TSS, do low volume and add two 4 hour Z2 rides.


Same for me and strava says my fitness (ftom 60 to 56) is decreasing and I am fresh but after week 5 I sure don’t feel fresh but quite tired, ready for my rest week and much stronger


What is this TSS constructed of? Is it a structured training plan or unstructured riding/racing?

Honestly, SSBHV is an incredibly taxing plan - I’ve completed it a couple of times, although not in the last several years. I’d wager that it is too much stress for most cyclists, regardless of how the TSS compares to their prior training

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With the way TR training plans now function with plan builder and progression levels, TSS of a plan is no longer a fixed metric. If you get 400 TS for SSBHV that tells me you have a SS level close to 1. A SS level around 5 will give you weekly TSS around 500 and pushing to the upper limits of the PL range will give you around 600 TSS.

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