SSB2LV final block workouts

So SSB2LV ends with Spencer +2, Lamarck and Leconte. One is “prepared” for the latter two by Darwin and Mary Austin -1. But there is no real prep for Spencer +2. Mills doesn’t cut it. There should be better prep for Spencer +2 like 2.5 min intervals at 120% or 3 min intervals at 115-118%.

As SSB2LV is currently set up Spencer +2 is just evil.


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Like you, I find the last jump up to 3 minutes a large one.

Coach @chad himself discusses VO2Max workout progression at Short intense period before starting base? Chad's short FTP boost plan - #5 by chad and suggests Dade+1 (2.5 mins @ 120%) as an intermediate step.

Hopefully Adaptive Training will smooth the progression somewhat.

Agreed. Going the Dade route instead of Spencer (mentioned by @mcalista) is a good option. Another one to consider is ignoring the descending parts of Mills.

The workout instructions and text in Mills talk a lot about finding the right power level for VO2 intervals, emphasising that it won’t be 120% for everyone. However, I feel like the descending ramps undermine this (and also undermine the progression to Spencer). The two minutes passes so much more quickly with the descent there, and then makes 3 minutes the next week even harder to get through. So you can try to do Mills out of ERG mode, ignore the descents, and see what % of FTP you settle on as repeatable for the full 2-minute duration. Whichever number you settle on, use that to adjust the intensity of next week’s Spencer.

I like the idea of replacing Mills with Dade +1. Mills just doesn’t fit the profile of the plan.

My “method”, considering how longer VO2Max intervals just kill me and how brutal the progression from Bluebell to Mills to Spencer +2 is, is to replace Mills with Dade -1 (3x3x2mins@120%, no decline in power), and Spencer +2 with Dade +1 (3x3x2.5mins@120%).