SSB2 Threshold feels better then Sweetspot

Hi everyone

A few weeks ago I did read the Topic SSB2 is killing me. And when I did look at the workouts that are ahead they did look very intimidating, to say the least, basically Sweetspot is replaced with Threshold.

Now I just did the first 2 Workouts Kaweah and Donner (Was scared of them) and I feel better than when I did the Sweetspot workouts the weeks before in SSB1.

Sure I am rested after the recovery week, but on the other hand, I was sick 2 days right before the FTP test so not an optimal recovery I guess.

But mainly I think it is just a mental thing for me.

I expect Threshold to be hard, when I ride 12min of Donner @ Threshold, it never crosses my mind why does this hurt or why is this difficult I just accept it. On the other hand, when I do sweetspot I find myself asking me that a lot. Does this feel right? Is this not too hard for what it is? Like I am constantly monitoring and my mind is always busy checking how I feel and sure it hurts and is hard. When I do Threshold times goes by quicker, sometimes 2 to 3 min pass without my noticing and my mind seems to be in a different state. I am much more happy with myself.

Also, I guess it has to do with the fear of failing. Failing the last interval of Threshold Workout would not be so bad for me, failing a similar Sweetspot interval would drag me down a lot more. This is where I need to work on myself I guess, not beeing to hard on my self and accept that there are also bad days.

Anyway, I am still figuring my self out here, and learn a lot about myself.

But maybe it is also a heads up for others that are scared when they look at SSB2 and what’s in there.
I hope things continue like this, and I can’t wait to do Lamarck and Mary Austin, and Leconte. Ok, I lie about Leconte :slight_smile: but I am much more optimistic, looking at the coming weeks.

Ohh just to mention I also had a small FTP boost from 246 to 254 from SSB1 to SSB2.

Also sorry about spelling and grammar, I still hope I get what I like to say.
Cheers everyone and Great Forum and community

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Yep, I think I experience the same thing. It’s easy to consider sweetspot “easy” because it’s lower than threshold and then not give it the effort and focus that it commands.

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