So I'm looking at sweetspot base 2 and

It looks really scary haha.

Sooo much threshold work. I don’t know I can do it. (or maybe I’m just a wuss)

You are. Just get on with it. :smiley:



I’m on 2 now and learned to just look at the next workout on the schedule instead of all of them in the future. Look too far forward and you’re right, it’s a bit scary and intimidating.

I’m into my second week of SSB2 mid volume and yeah, it’s pretty brutal.
But if you can get through the Galena at the end of SSB1 then you know your body can do more than your mind thinks it can.

I had a 20% increase in ftp, and I really felt that in the legs in the early workouts but already the new threshold is becoming the new normal.

Just get through each workout as it comes - only look ahead to decide how best to attack it: time of day, rest, nutrition & timing, recovery etc.

Good luck!