SSB1 MV Week 4 mid week "recovery" ride

Hi, I am in week 4 of this plan . Question is , Why is workout 2 a -1 version. (Pettit-1)

Yes, I know the “trap” of going too hard on easy days but .52? Is that even riding? I thought .60 was recovery.


I’m not certain about a specific ‘zone’ for recovery, however, I have found that when I did SSB MV1 I needed the rest as that is when the adaptation takes place. And, yes, it is still riding.

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I understand.

Just feels like it will be too “light” to promote “lactic flushing”, as by week 4 I have gained some fitness and this is the easiest ride yet.

I will trust the system but …

Trust the system or ride a more stressful workout. Only one way to tell what you can tolerate on a recovery ride. Live and ya learn as they say.

You reap the benefits of the stress you have endured for 4 weeks when you recover and allow your body to adapt.

I tried adding a recovery ride at 55-60% and it was too much for myself. I have found that staying at or below 50% is what helps my legs feel refreshed without adding any additional stress.

Take note of the fact that the following ride in week 4 is a higher TSS and longer duration than the one from the prior week.

  • My guess is that the Wk4 Wed ride is deliberately set lower in anticipation for the more demanding Wk4 Thur ride.
  • Also note that Pettit -1 is 60 mins vs Carter that is 45 mins. Again, stepped progression on full display here.

Again, there is a purpose to each choice there. You can and should modify at times, but be cautious about adding more stress when it may lead to counter-productive effects in later workouts.


Thanks Chad,

After you pointed out that this is the plan and it has purpose. I followed it and did not increase it. I did stand at each of the 5 changes for 30-40 seconds to stretch and relieve the rear. Even with these 5 bumps avg hr was 103. Most of the time in the upper 90’s. This was my point as I would think that maybe 115 to 120 avg hr would have flushed the legs better but I am aware that whatever is happening I am getting stronger.

Back to work tonight.

Thanks again

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Recovery is different than Aerobic. Carter is an Aerobic ride and Pettit -1 is more of a Recovery ride. The ‘lactic flushing’ happens when you push blood through your muscles, regardless of your heart rate. Doing it at lower intensity is more beneficial when you goal is to clear away the junk.

Edit: Pettit is actually an Aerobic ride as well. Pettit -1, the workout in the plan, is in the recovery zone.

Perfect explanation,

I understand now.

Thank you