SRM Indoor Bike

Knew SRm has a high end ergometer, but an advert for their smart-bike just hit my email inbox. Don’t recall seeing this one before, but admit I don’t follow the space closely.

Maybe @dcrainmaker or @GPLama know all about this one?

Here is the link:

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Is it just me, or does it look like it’s the latest tech from the 80s? I know SRM is leading edge, but me thinks its not in design


It’s not just the trainer, check out their website …. the typography, the graphics … it’s quite the 80s retro look

This is just my personal opinion, but here goes…

Their pricing is not in sync with the rest of the industry. Their product offerings are not innovative. The ‘quality’ of SRM seems to be a vestige of their position in the industry when competitors were few and far between. And design wise? None of it seems to trip my trigger.

Maybe I’m not the target customer.


Don’t look at the price tag…


They roll this out at Eurobike and the like. Horrendous looking device.


It’s a bike frame with a bike trainer attached to it… It’s great… probably cheap to make.

I can’t even look at the price tag, here in AU we get a website saying “Price on request…”… :man_facepalming:t2:

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I just checked the calendar. It is not April fools, but october 20th. At least the drive train can be maintained by buying available cassettes and chains…

That’s one way to keep Wahoo’s patent lawyers off your back!

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I think you hit the nail on the head here. There was a time when they were clearly the best PM available, and thus could demand the price they asked. Now with so much competition (that works well and is accurate) I can’t think of one reason to get an SRM. Maybe there is one, but for anyone short of a pro it probably isn’t a relevant one

Not to be cynical but I’m surprised they’re still in business.

What is it they rely on? Are they the only ones to provide a PM for Thm cranks? Are the two companies even related?

Is their PM even good though?

Needles to say I have yet to see one on the road other than from sponsored riders but I hear some out there have one.

Your link had 26 clicks. I bet their website has never seen so much traffic in such a short period of time :wink: