Former lbs test race bike

My LBS is selling this bike. the frame was used in one of their test bikes. everything else is new. the frame has slight usage marks but never been in a crash or anything. they are going to polish it before.

what do you think of this build:

frame: Chapter2 TOA taille M - Glossy Black
Sram Red 48-35 170 mm
Quarq Powermeter
shifter and derailleurs Sram Force AXS
Chain and cassette Sram Red 10-33
wheels Progress Airspeed disc 44 mm
saddle Prologo Dimension 143 mm

the test bike had 50/37 chainring with 172.5mm cranks but I asked them to put 48/33 as it is more similar to my current 50/34. so, the whole crankset is new.

I have never heard of progress wheels before. they are somewhat aero 44mm depth. with 21mm internal width… I still have to choose which tire width to choose it supports from 23 to 32mm.
the wheels are also new. the test bike had some fancy campagnolo which they are keeping or already sold. i did not quite got it

what do you think? do you know if there is a specific reason, they use force shifters and derailleurs.

is this a good deal for just under 6000 euros? knowing I will provide the tires myself.
the normal price is apparently over 8k but they are making 25% off.

what do you think if progress wheels? and which tire size would you choose.?

the reason they are selling is because they are testing the newest chapter 2 gravel bike so they sell at a cheaper price their old test bike.


No clue on progress wheels but it’s pretty common for shops to sell their used bikes at a discount. I bought my last mtb that way. Nice thing was I had a sales receipt so it effectively started my warranty when I bought it. Never had an issue with it and if the price is right, I’d do it again in a heartbeat, assuming you get a warranty. Zero chance I’m buying a $6k bike without it

Very common to have different level gear in the groupset. As long as it’s the same brand, no concerns there. I’m not sure I could tell the difference between force and red levers if I didn’t see the print on them.

Sram gearing is silly to me. Sounds like junior gears, but when you actually do the math, it’s as big or bigger than shimano

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3099 for frame 1190 for the wheels ( don’t seem amazing for the price but I never heard of them). A full red group set with power meter can be had for 2900 (MSRP is higher but you are not getting a full red group) So Abit over 7000 for the components ( but that is with full red group set). So their quoted price seems a bit high… As long as you get full warranty you could go for it maybe try to get it down to 5500…

i managed to get the bike for 4500 without the wheels.
I reused my fulcrum racing zero alloy which despite being alloy were higher end than the entry carbon they were offering ( progress and scope) both european brands. the fulcrum were around the same weight than those entry carbon, and have usb (ceramic bearings) only hiccup is that they are only 30mm deep… so no overly aero.
i coupled them with a 25mm gp5k in the front and 28 at the back. The prices in europe are crazy at the moment i have lifetime warranty on the frame .

Nice seems like a nice deal, yeah if you already have good wheels you can use them, and with the price difference you can get a nice pair of wheels if you want something more aero and/or lighter. Hope you have fun with the Bike :slight_smile: really rate the frameset (9 out of 10) but they used different components (Dura ace and Zipps), enjoy :slight_smile:

Review: Chapter2 Toa frameset |

yeah but the DA powermeter accuracy is abysmal.
now having to change the whole powermeter if the chainrings are worn is far from ideal however at least the accuracy is there.

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I don’t know how much of their review was biased by their components, probably not much in fact; its sounds like you’ve got a very nice bike :+1:

yes custom bikes were the only option for me.

i am a size 54… and all the bikes come with 172.5 cranks and i use 170.
and I don’t like crank based powermeter i prefer spider based. at least i get total power.

now to find the best wheels money can buy.

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