Sram Rival PM question

Does anyone know if I’d be able to temporarily set this up with a DUB PM on the drive side to test accuracy? I’ve at a Rival crank on my gravel bike and a DUB PM on my mountain bike. I’m a bit nervous about the power discrepancies reported but I was thinking I could hook up my present PM (which I trust) to this and then use DCRainmaker’s file comparison tool.

You can use zwiftpower and test one PM against trainer and than second and if you see trainer as a constant than you can get the diff

No you cant as the spider in the Rival crankset isn’t a separate part from the crankarm

Yes. The Rival AXS meter is left only and has all the electronics in the spindle.

It won’t be a direct comparison as the two meters you’ve mentioned are measuring power differently. The best comparison for a single sided meter is another single sided meter, usually a pedal… so Assioma UNO (or a DUO split to UNO for the test)… or Rally ‘100’ series if you want to trust those numbers and aren’t ripping 1200W+ sprints.

Did you (or anyone you are aware of) retest the rival PM after the software updates? Anything new on the accuracy issues?

I haven’t looped back to it with the new firmware.

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