SRAM Rival Left sided PM

Anyone have any experience with these? Aside from the single sided PM limitations, anyone have any problems? I was thinking of picking up one for my gravel bike

I’ve got the Rival AXS spindle meter on my gravel bike. Seems to read consistently low compared with my SB20 and the 4iiii left crank on my road bike. That’s based solely on feel and HR. There’s a GPLama review where he found a +6% slope correction brought the Rival almost exactly in agreement with his Assioma left pedal across the full power curve. I’m going to try that.


I installed one on my gravel bike a few weeks ago. Install and setup was a breeze. I updated to the latest firmware. Power numbers look and feel pretty close to me based on a few rides.

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My bike has one, zero problems, just find it annoying to get it out to do firmware upgrades. I haven’t validated the power values from it.

Forgive the thread jack, but @jmm , how do you update it? I got one last summer and haven’t done anything but ride with it… :man_shrugging:

It’s done through the SRAM AXS mobile application. To update it you pull the power meter out and push a button on it, then the app can find it and will offer to update its firmware if a newer version is available.

As already answered above you have to remove the power meter and push a small button. A partial turn and it slides out. I found a short SRAM video online showing the process. I think the firmware updates may have corrected the low power issue according to the comments in the DCRainmaker review.

They’re extremely well priced, and have been rock solid reliable for me

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I have one and have been nothing, but happy with it! Compared to my other PMs (4iiii, Stages) I can’t really tell any power difference, considering that every bike is significantly different and each have a unique feel to them already.

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