SRAM Red AXS PM with shorter cranks

Quick question as I’ve search a bit and still not sure of an exact answer.

I have a Quarq PM on my SRAM Red AXS groupset (you know, the one that comes with the groupset). I just took off my 170 cranks and replaced them with 165 and I see nowhere to change the cranks length in the AXS app or on my wahoo computer app.

As this is a spider based crank does it just not matter for some reason? (If so I can’t wrap my head around that). Or like the chainrings with this PM is it just set to the crank arm length with no way to change it and therefore it will always be slightly off? If it is off will it read higher or lower with shorter cranks? (I know I will produce less torque but spin a gear at a higher RPM but still not sure there).

Anyways, racking my brain on this one. Thanks for any help!

PS: It’s a new ride so a pic for anyone who loves a nice Venge

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Correct. The spider power meter doesn’t need to know crank length or chainring size.

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