Rival AXS Power Meter

I know there were some early threads concerning the Rival AXS power meter last year that highlighted some issues with the PM. Any updated thoughts on this power meter from folks that have it? The link to the exact product is below.

For context I’m getting into the gravel game with a Scott Addict Gravel 20. It comes with the SRAM Rival XPLR 1x12. Given it already has that groupset, it makes monetary sense to go with the Rival AXS power meter for $263. I don’t mind it being one sided, I have Favero Assioma Duos on my road bike and my L/R balance is equal and consistent.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Rival AXS Power Meter Upgrade | PM-RIV-ASSY-D1 | SRAM

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My outdoor bike has the SRAM Rival power meter. Zero issues, works a dream, only annoyance as I believe I mentioned in another thread is that turning it so you can pull out the spindle to do firmware update/change the battery can be difficult.


Thanks for the context. I’m glad to hear that, especially after you’ve been running it for a considerable amount of time. From my perspective that is exactly what we should want and expect from a power meter, simply forget that it is there other than zeroing it and charging it.

I appreciate your thoughts.

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I have one on my cross bike and have had no problems at all. I have two other bikes with SRAM Force and the Quarq spider power meter and I’m happy with how the power numbers line up between all three bikes.

I’ll admit i’ve never done serious in-depth comparison like a GP Lama or DC Rainmaker would but I don’t see anything odd out of the Rival one compared to the others that gives me concern.

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Thanks @shawrx. I’m glad to hear that you don’t notice any significant difference between the SRAM Force, Quarq spider and the Rival AXS. Even without an in-depth comparison, I believe most of us are calibrated enough to sense a difference once we’ve had a power meter for a bit. I appreciate your input.

I’ve done exactly the same thing. Assiomas on the road bike and bought the Rival for a gravel bike build. It’s worked well for purpose. I found around the same 6% difference between the two that GPLlama found but with the AXS app changed the slope so that they matched.

I’n the end I did lower the %age change to 5% as at the 6% mark it seemed to slightly over estimate the higher power peaks while matching steady power and I didn’t want the RIval PM to inflate power my power curve when those figures are unlikely to be relevant on gravel.

Overall as a cheap secondary power meter it’s been ideal for the gravel bike with the caveat that I’ve only had it for 3 months or so, so can’t comment on longevity.


Ditto to the above. I have had it almost 1 year on my Canyon Grail. At first, I think it was a little high, but the one software upgrade I did seemed to fix that. I have the Power2max ECO on my road bike. I honestly don’t care if the Rival AXS is within ±5%. Just as long as I am close enough. Road bike and trainer for Ramp tests and such.

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I have one, I just need to install it. I am not in too big of rush since there is still two feet of snow on the ground :slight_smile:

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@JulianM that makes a lot of sense. That is interesting how you matched the slope on the AXS app, essentially doing a powermatch between the two. I’ll have to throw on my DUOs on the Addict Gravel once I get it and do the same. That’s pretty cool, thanks.

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@barky I agree with your thought process. Hopefully the recent software upgrades have taken care of the earlier issues.

I’ve ridden one on my gravel bike for a year now with no issues. Actually just picked up a second for a new CX build so I’m definitely a fan, especially for the price point!

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