Power meter wildly off (Rival v Force v Neo 2T)

Road bike has AXS Rival leftside pm, 160mm cranks
Gravel bike has AXS Force w/ power, 160mm cranks
Trainer is Neo 2T

I’ve noticed for a while when trying to do FTP intervals outside that I can’t push the watts outside on the road bike that I can on my dedicated trainer bike, so, facing a block of FTP intervals I intend to do outside I finally hooked the road bike up to the trainer and dual recorded in IndieVelo. Here’s what it spit out:

(Primary = trainer; Secondary = Rival)

What am I even looking at? My FTP is somewhere around 190, fwiw, and this was an endurance ride, but I did 3-4 minutes at ~FTP to compare, and then one half-hearted sprint to see what that would do. Variety of cadences. I guess at least it’s “only” 5% off at ftp, and almost acceptably close at ~vo2 power? But 12% off at endurance pace? Is there a way to correct this when it’s so inconsistently off?

FWIW, gravel bike was almost dead on, about +/- 2% or so across the board.

Left/right imbalance maybe?

Can’t find that data for today’s ride, but yesterday’s endurance/recovery gravel ride was 49/51 in favor of my right side.